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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the story behind your company’s name?
    • At Think and Do Partners, our commitment is to make our clients’ lives more efficient, and therefore more stress-free and enjoyable. We THINK of ways we can help achieve that commitment, and then we take the initiative to DO it! By PARTNERING with our clients in this way, we set ourselves apart from others in the industry by going above and beyond their expectations.
  • How long has Think and Do Partners been in business?
    • Think and Do Partners has been providing its services in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas since January 2007.
  • When do I pay for my Think and Do services
    • Think and Do Partners typically bills each client at the end of the month for the services performed.
  • Are materials, expenses, and taxes included in the hourly rate?
    • Additional materials, expenses, and taxes will be billed to the client on the normal monthly billing cycle, along with receipts for the expenditures.
  • Is Think and Do Partners bonded and insured?
    • Yes. We’re glad to answer specific questions about this; just contact us.
  • Does Think and Do Partners care about Going Green?
    • Yes. Think and Do Partners cares about the environment and about our chemically sensitive clients. By request, we are glad to use only environmentally safe products when cleaning your home. We work closely with our chemically sensitive clients to make sure that everything we use in their home feels comfortable for them. Please free to contact us for more information.