What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Us …

At Think and Do Partners, we take great pride in serving our clients, and our passion and commitment to excellence is evident in our customers’ continued satisfaction. Take a look at what some of them had to say in the following testimonials.

In April, 2008 Pixel Velocity hired THINK and DO Partners, Janitorial Services to clean our office space semi-weekly. We have been particularly pleased with their job performance and honesty because of the nature of our business and the fact that we have high-tech sensitive equipment throughout the facility.

THINK and DO Partners, Janitorial Services always arrived promptly, worked efficiently and were always willing to accommodate changes in schedule. Because of their proven ability and integrity, some of the Pixel employees have hired Think & Do to provide cleaning services in their personal homes.

I would recommend THINK and DO Partners, LLC for commercial office cleaning.
~ Kim, Office Operations Manager – Pixel Velocity, Ann Arbor Michigan

I was introduced to Kristin and Think and Do Partners through my Chief Executive Officer who had been using Think and Do Partners personally. The best relationships are personal referrals. The Think and Do team understand this concept very well. When allowing someone to come into your home and serve as an extension of yourself, its more than the legal protection of bonding and contracts – you need to have trust, integrity and commitment to a continued level of support.

In addition, if you need additional support, you need the relationship that it’s okay to ask. Think and Do Partners have always been open to helping me wherever they can, cleaning, running errands, coordinating contractors and taking me to the airport. They truly extend their support to “thinking about something and then doing it for me.” Because they always want to do the best job possible, they are also open to working with me to improve their support and make sure I am totally satisfied. It is truly a wonderful partnership and I am grateful that “Think and Do” are on my team.
~ Alice, Ann Arbor Michigan

Your Think and Do Partner, in this short of time, has truly made a major impact of his [my elderly father’s] quality of life and he is trusting her and turning to her more each day and that is just a major relief for me. I am 100% satisfied with your service and look forward to working with you for a long time.
~ Tina, Chelsea Michigan

I have been a client of Think and Do for the past 4 years. During that time they have handled a variety of tasks for me. House cleaning, event planning, contractor/service appointments and last minute errands. I work in a fast paced environment. To come home after a long day and walk into a clean house is a wonderful stress relieving event.
~ Bob B., Ford Motor Company, Ann Arbor Michigan

As a gesture of appreciation for the wonderful housekeeping and personal assistant services I’ve enjoyed for the past two years, I am posting this listing to help my friend Kristin, locate a few additional kind and deserving clients.

Kristin is a true entrepreneur with a drive that is motivated by her desire to be independent and provide for her family. It is a focus that is truly fun to watch. A little more than a year ago, Kristin started her company with the idea that busy people need help with the everyday chores and errands that just can’t be left undone. Whether you’re an executive that travels extensively like I do or a household with two professionals that just don’t have the cycles to deal with the little things around the house, Kristin and her team can fill that void. Kristin has managed to carve out a niche for her business that deals with everything from housekeeping services to meeting contractors for household repairs, event planning, waiting at your home for deliveries or even getting that car serviced while you’re out of town.

Kristin and her team are a wonderful, trustworthy, skilled and dependable group that approaches things with the mantra “what can I do for YOU that would improve your quality of life”. Kristin is intelligent and reliable, carries a cell phone and is very accessible. My friends and family tell me I am too particular about my environment, but I do love a clean house and without Kristin and her team, I would be lost!

I travel extensively and split much of my time between MI and the west coast where I have second home and it’s nice to never worry about my home here when I’m gone. Kristin checks on the house when I’m away for extended periods of time and reports on issues that have been taken care of. Kristin’s rates are very reasonable and like me, if you asked her other clients, I’m sure they would say they couldn’t live without her help. My only regret is that she can’t be here in Michigan and California at the same time to help manage my second home as well.
~ Jeff, Pinckney Michigan