Case Study

See how our Clients add on services as we work together.

We become an extension of their home………

House Cleaning Client, Ann Arbor, MI

Housekeeping services are provided every other week.

Client calls us to assist with a special event, Son’s wedding and reception.

The family was looking for 2 individuals from Think and Do to come and be an extension to their family for the night. They wanted us to be the main contact when problems arose and needed to be addressed. Think and Do had a very successful night addressing immediate issues and was also able to forecast problems heading our way. We are happy to say that the family was able to thoroughly enjoy the evening with their family and friends. Now There Were Enough Hours in their evening!

Housekeeping Client, Dexter, Michigan

Housekeeping services are provided every week.

Client calls to see if we can add on another day to our house cleaning schedule for Household Assistant Services. The Client will be traveling more for work and would like us to come in to tackle a few projects:

  • Laundry, wash/dry/fold and put away
  • Clean dishes put away and dirty in dishwasher
  • Tidy up the kitchen and clean the floors
  • Accept grocery delivery and put them away

House Manager Client, Oakland County, Michigan

Household Management services are provided weekly in their home in Oakland County.

Before Client arrived to their vacation home in Florida, they wanted Think and Do to fly down to handle a few projects in their home so that when they arrived, they were ready to enjoy their time.

Projects were:

  • Retrieve and unpack packages
  • Put together pack-n-play, play set and other equipment
  • Miscellaneous errands
  • Review/Restock household supplies
  • Set thermostat
  • Reviewed all appliances were in working order
  • Prepared outside kitchen and furniture
  • Vehicle preparations and delivery of vehicle to private airport

Client arrived to the airport with their vehicle cleaned, gassed and ready to go!

Household Assistant, Brighton, MI

Household Assistant services are provided twice a week. We are also providing housekeeping services bi monthly.

Our Client calls and asks if someone would be available to take her to and from her eye surgery outpatient appointment. She also needed someone to stay at the home with her for a few hours after the surgery. Client was escorted back home to her room after the appointment. While she rested, we were able to push thru some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, attended to clean/dirty dishes. When our Client felt comfortable after the surgery, we ended our shift but before departure, she was taken a tray of healthy snacks, a beverage and the tv remote.

Reinhart Realtor Client, Ann Arbor, MI

Reinhart Realtor Client, Ann Arbor, MI Realtor from Reinhart Real Estate refers Think and Do Partners to all of her Clients for Pre-listing Cleanings, Move In deep cleanings and decluttering projects. Realtor’s comments, “They are professional, thorough and guarantee their results. I have thrown a lot of different jobs at them and everyone has been done to perfection.”

House Cleaning Client, Saline, MI

House cleaning services provided bi-weekly. Client called in the morning to see if someone could come over between 9-1 to meet Art Van for furniture delivery. Our Client forgot that his schedule was booked with meetings that day.

Think and Do was able to wait for Art Van’s delivery. While waiting, the Think and Do Associate found projects to do since we are familiar with our Client’s home service needs. We were comfortable to attend to some light home organizational projects, laundry services, garage cleaning and organizing and so much more!

Household Assistant Client, Ann Arbor, MI

Household Assistant Services are provided on a weekly basis to our Client.

When our Client is travelling, we attend to their garden, bird feeding, mail retrieval and home security checks. Yes, we still have unexpected projects that come up while they are away and we are able to assist!