Business Review Article: Think and Do

Think and Do

by Rachel Schreiber

Kristin Scherer, owner of Think and Do, is exactly as the name of her company suggests.  She thinks, and she does.  Her father’s job transfer landed the Chicago native in Chelsea when she was 4 years old.

Think and Do manages the personal lives of busy professionals and executives.  They assist with senior citizens and are involved in the lives of people in assisted living, elderly couples, and individuals with various needs.  Their services include managing personal checking accounts, running errands, (the employees are insured and bonded), scheduling vehicles for maintenance service, managing claims insurance, and grocery shopping.  Think and Do provides postal services, pet sitting, dog walking, plant care, child care services, restaurant reservations, office cleaning and event planning.

When Kristin was two months pregnant with her second child, she left her husband.  She says, “I was living in a nice subdivision and was a stay-at-home mom.  I left with the clothes on our backs and a bureau.  I didn’t have a checking account.  So, I moved in with my parents and my son was born April 15, 2004 and by May 30, 2004 I knew where I was going to live and I had my life planned out.”  She recalls telling her parents she was leaving with two children, one of whom was a newborn.  “In a month’s time, I had a plan.  I’ll never forget the look on my parents’ faces.  They said, ‘We love you; you don’t have to go.’  I told them I loved them, too; I’m not mad, and I had two choices:  I had to sink or swim and thought I’d try to swim.”

She earned a living by cleaning houses.  She says, “My brother came up with the idea of cleaning houses.  It would wrap around my kids’ schedules and it made a living.”  Still, life was a struggle and the stigma of single parenting worried her.  She states, “Sink or swim has always stayed with me.  About the time I was going through everything I wondered if all the parents at daycare were looking at me, thinking, ‘Here’s the only single mom with two babies.’  What’s interesting is I’ve found out there are a lot of people who have situations similar to mine.  They have jobs, they have checking accounts, and they have their troubles.  People watched me work through my issues.  I had women stop me, hug me, and say, ‘How do you do it?’  I could tell they were struggling somehow, some way.  They had a job and money in their pocket and those things don’t matter.  It’s what’s inside, the strengths.”

After two and a half years of house cleaning, one of Kristin’s clients suggested she expand her services.  In 2007, she placed fliers advertising her new business on the vehicles of the people who were attending the UM football game.  She says, “My two kids were in the back of the car crying because they so didn’t want to do this.  I passed out 25 fliers and gave up.  I thanked my kids for being patient.  A couple weeks later, an executive from Little Caesar’s called.”  She continues, “Think and Do opened the door to everything I do anyway.  I like being a mom and managing the responsibilities of a household.  I love the personal relationships I have with the clientele.”

Giving back is vital to Kristin.  She says, “I was concerned about how I was going to give to people or do for them.  It’s a great feeling to be able to hire people and to take care of my clientele.  I never thought anyone would ask me for help, which is another reason I like this business.  Think and Do changed that for me and for other people, too.  I can reach out to them, hug them, and tell them they’re not alone.  It’s an overwhelming feeling.”

If you have found this story interesting, informative, or inspiring, please let Kristin know!  Think and Do can be reached at (734) 417-1416 or

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